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Chief Executive


Dream Believe Achieve

In an ever-changing world, the future is our canvas, where we paint solutions to tomorrow's challenges. With innovation, adaptability, and purpose-driven endeavors, we'll shape a brighter, more sustainable, and inclusive future for all.

About Us

CEO Message

As a CEO in the realm of real industry, engineering, and construction, I've always believed that the foundation of any successful project lies in a commitment to quality, innovation, and safety. We've forged a name for ourselves by marrying vision with practicality, transforming blueprints into reality. Our dedication to precision and sustainability has not only shaped skylines but also elevated communities. We've honed the art of building for tomorrow, leaving a legacy that is a testament to unwavering craftsmanship. We understand that progress is built on bricks, beams, and ideas, and we're committed to constructing a better, more resilient world.

Engr. Azhar UL Islam Zafar, CEO

I aim to foster a culture of innovation, excellence, and sustainable growth across our diverse portfolio. We are committed to delivering value to our stakeholders, nurturing talent, and maintaining the highest standards of corporate responsibility. We aim to be industry leaders while contributing positively to the global community and environment.

Owned Companies

Awards & Achievements

Our CEO's remarkable journey is a testament to visionary leadership. Over the years, they have overseen groundbreaking initiatives that have transformed industries and set new benchmarks for excellence.


ICCI Pakistan Excellence Award

Best Builders & Engineers

ICCI Business excellence Award

ICCI Property,Construction Expo 2022

UET Career Fare 2021

3rd International Conference 2022

Kashmir Day Squash Championship 2021

Guest Speaker

A Legacy of Leadership in Every Sector

An enduring legacy of leadership, spanning diverse sectors, defines our CEO's remarkable impact and visionary influence.

Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI)

Engr. M. Azhar-Ul-Islam Zafar, a distinguished leader in the business community, serves as the Vice President of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries. With a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to promoting economic growth and entrepreneurship,

AMS Group

Engineer Muhammad Azhar ul Islam is at the helm of the AMS Group of Companies, steering a diverse portfolio of businesses with precision and excellence. Under his visionary leadership, the group encompasses a range of ventures in 2005, including AMS Builders and Developers, AMS Engineering and Contractors, Green Homes Private Limited, 

Gran Exito

Guided by the exceptional leadership of Eng. Azhar ul Islam, Gran Exito Group unites six distinguished professional companies in a collaborative effort to bring forth the cutting-edge “Crescent Lake Towers (CLT)” project. Beyond being a mere real estate venture, CLT represents a personal achievement and a cherished 

Crescent Lake Tower

Engineer Muhammad Azharul Islam Zafar’s visionary perspective is at the heart of the Crescent Lake Tower’s development, shaping it into a grand, luxurious, and smart residential and commercial project. With a relentless commitment to setting new standards, the project aims to be exceptional by offering 

Lions Clubs International

As a member of Lions Clubs International, Engr. M. Azhar-Ul-Islam Zafar demonstrates his deep commitment to community service and humanitarian efforts. Lions Clubs International is renowned for its global network of volunteers dedicated to addressing pressing social issues, and Engr. Azhar-Ul-Islam Zafar’s involvement exemplifies 

Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)

Engr. M. Azhar-Ul-Islam Zafar’s role as a Governing Body member of the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) signifies his commitment to the advancement of the engineering profession in Pakistan. With a strong background in engineering and a deep passion for the field, he brings invaluable 

Constructors Association of Pakistan (CAP)

As a member of the Constructors Association of Pakistan (CAP), Engr. M. Azhar-Ul-Islam Zafar plays a pivotal role in the construction and infrastructure development sector of the country. His affiliation with CAP reflects his deep-rooted commitment to advancing the standards

Entrepreneurs' Organization

As a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), Engr. M. Azhar-Ul-Islam Zafar embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. His affiliation with EO underscores his commitment to personal and professional growth as an entrepreneur. With a background in engineering and a passion for business, he brings a unique perspective to the organization. 

Work Process

Visionary Leadership, Strategic Impact

Exemplifying visionary leadership, every CEO strategically shapes impactful initiatives, steering the organization towards unparalleled success and sustainable growth with foresight and precision.


Innovate. Lead. Transform

Guided by a commitment to innovate, lead, and transform, every CEO inspires a culture of continual improvement, propelling his organization to new heights.


Driving Excellence, Leading Change

With a commitment to driving excellence and leading change, as a CEO propels our organization forward, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

Prestigious Moments, Lasting Impact

Capturing pivotal moments, our CEO shines in snapshots of accolades received and awards bestowed, embodying leadership as a distinguished guest.

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Excellence in Leadership Dynamics

Embodied in our leader is a dynamic excellence that transcends conventional norms. With strategic acumen, adaptability, and unwavering commitment, our leadership navigates challenges, fosters innovation, and inspires collective achievement—a testament to the essence of excellence in leadership dynamics.

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