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Pakistan Engineering Council PEC

Engr. M. Azhar-Ul-Islam Zafar’s role as a Governing Body member of the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) signifies his commitment to the advancement of the engineering profession in Pakistan. With a strong background in engineering and a deep passion for the field, he brings invaluable expertise and leadership to this significant role. As a Governing Body member, he plays a vital part in shaping policies, standards, and regulations that govern the engineering profession in Pakistan. Engr. Azhar-Ul-Islam Zafar’s dedication to ensuring the highest standards of engineering practice and ethics not only benefits the engineering community but also contributes to the safety and well-being of the public. His involvement in the PEC exemplifies his commitment to upholding the integrity and excellence of the engineering profession, making him a respected and influential figure within the engineering community in Pakistan.

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